Conversation Hours

Building bridges in different languages


Practice language skills and celebrate other cultures at one of our Language Conversation Hours offered in multiple languages. We welcome people who are fluent and those who are beginning to learn a language. All ages are welcome, sessions are free and no registration is required - just show up in Room 202 at International House at the right time and start talking and listening.

Arabic  Schedule has changed
2nd Friday of each month at 6pm
Chinese  Seeking new facilitator!
2nd and 4th Mondays at 7pm
We are still hosting Chinese Conversation Hour.
Friday at noon
Tuesdays at 7pm
1st & 3rd Fridays at 7pm
Tuesdays at noon
Wednesdays at 7pm
2nd and 4th Mondays at 6pm
2nd Friday at 7 pm
Thursdays at 12 pm
Japanese Calligraphy
1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 3pm in Room 200
Thursdays at 6pm
Russian  Seeking new facilitator!
Russian Conversation Hour is suspended until further notice. Currently seeking a new volunteer to help facilitate this meeting. Please contact us at if interested!
Wednesday at noon
Thursdays at 7pm