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About Us

For 35 years, International House has served as a meeting place for Americans and Internationals to come together, establish relationships, and learn about one another’s way of life. Today, International House still brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together through education, conversation, and a shared love of all things international. These cultural enrichment activities include an international-themed book club, free conversation hours in 10 different languages, the Doorways Group for international women, the Young Professionals @ International House, and ad-hoc educational events such as film-screenings and cultural festivals. Check below in the News section for upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.

Cultural Opportunities Offered

Book Club

The International House Book Club reads novels by international authors with international settings and/or international themes.

Conversation Hours

Free conversation hours in 11 languages are held at International House every week, offering participants the chance to practice their language skills and meet others with similar interests.


Doorways is a group of approximately 100 international women who meet monthly to socialize, celebrate culture and develop friendships. This members-only group includes women from more than 40 countries.

The Young Professionals@IH

Our young professional is helping to build a vibrant, global community in Charlotte through activities and events that engage the Charlotte community, build international understanding, and support the programs and services of International House.

“The book club is a cultural experience. We read about other countries, we learn the history, we taste the food, and sometimes we talk to the authors via Skype. We don’t just sit around and have food and drinks. It is not that kind of meeting. We are serious readers.”
- Deborah Nelson, Co-Chair of International House Book Club