International Monthly Book Club – March 19

Who’s in the House
February 5, 2018
“Human Flow” a film by Weiwei – March 15th
February 23, 2018

A novel of great intensity and power, and inspired by a true story.

“The Cellist of Sarajevo” by Stephen Galloway

Monday, March19 @ 7pm, Room 202

                                 Free to attend. Registration is not needed.

Galloway interweaves four characters to bring the war in Bosnia to us. We get the assassin, Arrow, who only shoots military; Kenan, the father who walks across town each day amidst bullets and bodies to get the water his family needs to survive, the baker who bakes to feed them all, and the cellist who sits outside each day for 22 days playing Albinoni’s Adagio in memory of the 22 people who died at that spot. He plays as the war rages around him. Galloway brings the war to us with all its nuances and insanities.


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