Charlotte Family Opens Their Home

Adam Bernstein, his wife Tammy Seigel and their two teenage children have a keen interest in the world around them. When the Charlotte natives cannot travel abroad, they do the next best thing…experience the world when it comes to their hometown. International House gave the Seigel-Bernstein family this opportunity last summer when they hosted a student from Iraq in their home. The Iraqi guest, a teenager named Ibrahim, stayed with the family for around two weeks. Mr. Bernstein describes the experience as “well worth it and a lot of fun.” One of the highlights was a two-day trip to Charleston where Ibrahim saw the ocean for the first time and was enthralled with the experience. For their part, the Seigel-Bernstein’s were fascinated by the chance to get a glimpse of another country through the eyes of someone who lives there. “We got a lot out of this experience,” Mr. Bernstein says. He encourages others to become home hosts with the “idea that you’ll learn a lot.” International House has many opportunities for home hosting or dinner hosting throughout the year. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Johnelle Causwell at

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