Who was in the House

Get to Know Your International Chamber and Consulate Networking Event
October 17, 2017
Iraqi Youth Book Project
April 12, 2018

Who did you miss?

This January the Citizen Diplomacy department hosted a Latin American group to help them learn about our citizen participation and public-private partnership for local activism.

This project examined local initiatives and contemporary grassroots organizations that promote citizen participation in the political process. It explored public-private partnerships between civil society, government, the private sector, and community leaders to improve opportunities at the community level. They met with citizen groups, community and political organizations, and social activists. The goal of this project was to show best practices for organizing local and regional partnerships and mobilizing volunteers for engagement. It demonstrated how the interaction between advocacy groups, local communities, and the media influences the public agenda.

The Citizen Diplomacy department also hosting a Multi-Regional Project that came to learn about promoting social change through the arts.

This project examined the link between cultural engagement and community well-being by focusing on the arts as a vehicle for promoting social change and community stability. The project supports the Department’s strategic goal of supporting democracy through outreach to disaffected youth. The examined the critical and constructive roles that art plays in the socio-political context and in civic dialogue. It looked at the use of art on confronting social issues and problems associated with ethnic diversity, sexual orientation and economic stratification, and reveal the particular power that the arts can have in environments where there are few venues for political speech. The project examined the role of arts education in encouraging young people, both at-risk and not at risk, to act as responsible and engaged members of society. During their stay, this group explored the diversity of roots of distinct American genres of music, art, and theater and their role in creating and reflecting a dynamic social system.