Home and Dinner Hosting

Open your home to an international visitor

Taiwan International Trade Delegation: Welcome the World into Your Home!!

In the Spring of 2019 the International House is excited to be hosting 30 international trade experts from Taipei. They are part of a Taiwanese Trade Delegation and will be visiting from the end of March till the end of May. We are currently looking for home hosts to partner with us for the duration of their 2 month stay.

This is an incredible opportunity to welcome the world into your home by participating in a short term exchange program. We are now accepting applications for this program!

Apply here to host a Taiwanese student. If interested in becoming a home or mentor host, please contact Johnelle Causwell at jcauswell@ihclt.org or Nina Batson at nbatson@ihclt.org

Be a Host for International Guests!

A key part of citizen diplomacy is introducing the international visitors to American home-life and Charlotteans from all walks of life. International House offers home-hosting and dinner-hosting opportunities for people who live in the Charlotte area and are interested in getting to know the visitors on a personal level. Home hosts do just that - host the visitor at their residence for part of or the entire duration of their visit in Charlotte. Dinner hosts prepare a meal for a larger group of people in order to enjoy an evening of conversation with the visitors.

If interested, please contact Johnelle Causwell at jcauswell@ihclt.org or call 704-342-2248.
Apply to host a student from the Taiwan International Trade Institute in an Overseas Study Program! The duration of their stay is from March 30th to May 25th, 2019.

Apply here to host a Taiwanese student.