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May 2, 2017
Meet Yanshu- New United States Citizen!
July 20, 2017

Guerrero is a Spanish word which translates into English as ‘Warrior’. In some Latin American countries guerrero is also used as an adjective meaning “courageous, fearless”. The Oxford English dictionary defines warrior as “a brave fighter”. Meet Manuel, Maria, Ana and Julio (from left to right): Four of the most assiduous students at the CPCC Adult ESL Program offered in partnership with International House. Manuel, Ana and Julio are three of Maria’s five children. Maria feels it is important to keep her family united, and that’s the reason why they all came to the US: Her husband, the breadwinner of the family, moved up north of the Mexican-American border to work hard and offer a better future for his children; so Julio left Mexico in June 2014, Maria, her two younger kids and Manuel followed in September 2014, and finally, Ana traveled in December 2016. Now Maria lives with all her immediate family here in Charlotte; she misses her country very much, but she is happy to have all her family together. Maria is a loving mother who, despite having a tiring full time job, always has time to make delicious Mexican dishes and desserts for her family. She’s a proud mom who has raised great children with strong values – and Maria has good reasons to be proud. His children are all different and special in several respects. Julio, has an ear for music. He’s able to play several musical instruments: guitar, saxophone, timbales, trumpet and clarinet. Manuel, has worked in the U.S. as kitchen assistant, welder and construction worker. He’s a quick learner who adapts easily to any work environment. Ana holds a degree in Archaeology from Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas. No wonder she’s one of the best students in the classroom and the most academically inclined.  In class, they’re different, too. Julio is shy and reserved but always paying attention. Manuel is upbeat and curious – always asking interesting questions. Ana is always ready to help others with a big smile. Maria, their mom, has ALL these traits; and when she smiles her eyes beam with pride and genuine happiness. Indeed, Maria, Ana, Julio and Manuel have faced several difficulties and had to overcome obstacles to find happiness in a new land, as with any immigrant who left home for good. But, as with their studies of English as a second language, they will succeed. I know they will. I have the pleasure of having them in my  class. I see their determination, hard work, big hearts and braveness. Are they guerreros? yes! Guerrero is their last name.


Bjarni Palomino

M.A. in TEFL

CPCC ESL Instructor