International Book Club – Feb 17

31st Annual Benefit Gala
September 3, 2019
FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award – Feb. 26
January 28, 2020



“Flights” is a cabinet of curiosities that must include itself in the cabinet.”

– James Wood, The New Yorker

“Flights” by Olga Tokarczuk

Monday, February 17 @ 7pm in Room 204

Free to attend. Registration is not needed.

2018 Booker Man Prize winner for translated version – The unnamed narrator notes the difference between her and her unadventurous parents: “Clearly, I did not inherit whatever gene it is that makes it so that when you linger in a place you start to put down roots. . .” The real pleasures of “Flights” are in the digressions and stories she intersperses throughout the narrator’s travels. Tokarczuk shifts effortlessly from an art museum to a commentary on the social invisibility of middle-aged women to a banal conversation with fellow travelers to the story of a man named Kunicki whose wife and child have disappeared. Other stories include a 17th-century anatomist dissecting his own severed limb; a woman summoned by mysterious emails to Poland to visit her first love; and a woman who walks out on her family to live as an itinerant beggar.


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