International Book Club – October 21

Annual Arab American Festival — Oct 12
September 11, 2019


“Ficciones” by Jorge Luis Borges

Monday, October 21 @ 7pm in Room 202

Free to attend. Registration is not needed.

Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature eight times, Borges joins numerous renowned authors who were never granted this honor. He is one of Latin America’s most acclaimed writers, a miniaturist known for his short pieces, be they short stories, essays, or poetry. Upon his death in 1986, this Argentine intellectual left a whole library of delicately structured maze-like speculations. Each one is a little time-machine of the imagination, written in a tight, almost mathematical style with a precision of detail. In this collection of his short stories there are writers and dreamers, heretics and traitors, secret encyclopedias and magical libraries. Science fiction coexists with intriguing detective stories, stories abound with surprising outcomes. Borges draws from contemporaries such as Sartre, Camus, Kafka, and Pound, but also from older greats such as Swift, Poe, philosophers, kabbalists, and by-gone Greeks of Alexandria. This is a scholar of no mean depth! Join me for an adventure into multiple universes which will leave you spinning.


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