International Book Club – May 20

Holiday Closing — April 19
April 10, 2019

“Erpenbeck’s novel dares to ask what becomes of identity and morality in the face of our globe’s radical changes.” – Claire Messud, NY Times


“Go, Went, Gone” by Jenny Erpenbeck

Monday, May 20 @ 7pm in Room 202

Free to attend. Registration is not needed.

This masterful novel by the acclaimed German writer tells the tale of Richard, a retired classics professor who lives in Berlin. His wife has died, and he lives a routine existence until one day he spies some African refugees staging a hunger strike in Alexanderplatz. Curiosity turns to compassion and an inner transformation as he visits their shelter, interviews them, and becomes embroiled in their harrowing fates. This is a scathing indictment of Western policy toward the European refugee crisis, but also a touching portrait of a man who finds he has more in common with the Africans than he realized.


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