International Book Club – Nov 18

International Book Club – October 21
September 16, 2019

What Edugyan has done in “Washington Black” is to complicate the historical narrative by focusing on one unique and self-led figure. Washington Black’s presence in these pages is fierce and unsettling. -Colm Toibin, The New York Times

“Washington Black” by Esi Edugyan

Monday, November 18 @ 6:30pm in Room 202

Free to attend. Registration is not needed.

A dazzling, original novel of slavery and freedom. When two brothers arrive at a Barbados sugar plantation they bring with them a darkness beyond what the slaves have already known. Washington Black’s, (11 years old), new master is the eccentric Christopher Wilde, naturalist, explorer, inventor, abolitionist. From the cane fields to icy Canadian Arctic, muddy streets of London to the deserts of Morocco, the novel asks What is Freedom and can life be salvaged from the ashes ever be made whole?


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