International House Gets Hands-On with “Hands On Schools”

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October 2, 2013
Cross-Cultural Cooperation in the Classroom
October 23, 2013

ESL Class-Hands on Schools

International House enjoys partnering with Hands On Schools, an organization committed to supporting Charlotte-Mecklenburg students and their families, through its CARES (Coalition for Albemarle Road Elementary School) program.  The chief focus of CARES are the bimonthly Family Nights that take place at the school.  Family Nights offer consistent, enriching programs to students and their parents to best support and develop their quality of life.

At the CARES Family Nights, International House offers a class for parents called Charlotte University.  Taught in an ESL format, the class provides information to parents about important resources in Charlotte about which they should be aware—and strengthens their English proficiency while doing so!

The first Family Night took place on Thursday, September 26.  In the Charlotte University class, 25 parents enjoyed hearing from Officer Danny Hernandez from the CMPD on topics such as speeding, the role of law enforcement officers, and the proper procedure for license plate registration and displays.  The class also offered a safe space for parents to express their concerns about living in Charlotte, such as the fact that many people assume they are “Mexican,” when in reality they come from a wide variety of Spanish-speaking countries.  Officer Hernandez, himself a strong advocate for the Latino and Hispanic community in Charlotte, validated these parents’ concerns and expressed CMPD’s desire to support them and their families.

For the second Family Night on October 24, International House looks forward to partnering with CATS for a Charlotte University session on how to best utilize the Queen City’s transportation system.