Manjulaben’s Story

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November 25, 2016
July 20, 2017

Dear Reader,

I am a proud student of International House who helped me prepare for US citizenship test and successfully pass. I wanted to come to International House in person but due to my poor health condition I can’t travel. I am still obligated to send my note to International House to convey my thanks. I would like to provide a brief story about my journey to the successful achievement of passing the US citizenship exam.

My name is Manjulaben and I was born and brought up in India. My mother tongue is Gujarati and I had a formal education until the 10th grade.  I didn’t have any knowledge of English language.  After completing 5 years in USA as an immigrant, I applied for US Citizenship not knowing what wass going to happen.  I knew English knowledge was necessary.  I started learning English little by little and it was tough at an age of 75 to learn a new language. I learned spellings and pronunciations of key words but I failed in the first test. I didn’t give up and after preparing more I tried again to know that I actually passed writing, reading and civics tests but I failed to successfully answer to my own personal questions. The same cycle repeated two more times and the result was a failure.

Then we heard about International House where we met Immigration Attorney, Kathy. Per her suggestion I attended a 6-week course preparing for citizenship test. There was no one in the class speaking my language so my husband, who speaks English, was allowed to attend with me.  The class was very interesting and I felt like a formal education is necessary not only to learn new things but also to build the right confidence. Everyone was so friendly and patient with each other.

After completing the 6-week immigration classes, I started taking the English tutoring classes where my great tutor, Jessica, helped me a lot. She also seemed happy with my enthusiasm. After this tutoring class I reappeared for the final time to take the citizenship test. My confidence was high but I was determined that this would be my last attempt too. I managed to give the best chance and time came when the officer walked to me with a smile saying I passed.  I couldn’t believe it and I asked my husband to talk to the officer to check what he actually meant. He confirmed that I passed the test by handing us the letter.  I was delighted and joyful as all the hard work and dedication paid off.

I feel credit goes to the International House staff – Immigration Attorney, Kathy, and Jessica and many others who supported me.  I convey my sincere gratitude to the International House for running this program in Charlotte. I also wrote a letter thanking the staff and I was happy to see a congratulatory card signed by everyone from International House.

I hope my story can be of any help to others. If I can do it, anyone can certainly do it – you just need determination and enthusiasm.


P.S. This letter is being translated to English by my family for others to easily understand.