November 25, 2016

Meet Gaulbert

  Gaulbert Taplah is a Liberian, a one-time student activist who was forced to flee his homeland after being threatened, a resident of Charlotte, a graduate […]
July 1, 2015
Pauline puts up a bulletin board

I Feel Like I Travel While Volunteering Here

by Pauline Lefeuvre I came from France to the United States last August as an exchange student to the University of Maine. I had only been […]
June 8, 2015

Pura Vida-Learning From Costa Rica’s Sustainable Development Success

by Johnelle Causwell, Citizen Diplomacy Program Director at International House With my job overseeing the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program for Charlotte and the surrounding areas […]
May 28, 2015

How to Create a Video in Two Months on Zero Budget

By: Meghan Green Education Program Volunteer (2014, 2015) When I offered to create a video about two women who enjoy their jobs and want to introduce others […]
March 12, 2015

I Feel Proud That I Have Helped Other Immigrants Like Me

My name is Anggie Fernandez, and I am from Lima, Peru. I came to the USA one year ago and started attending the English Conversation Hour […]
February 3, 2015

Incredible Odyssey Ends in Citizenship for IH Client

When Mathew Mayom went to take his naturalization exam to qualify for U.S. citizenship, he wasn’t nervous at all. After being forced to flee war-torn South […]
January 9, 2015

New Friends for a New Year

Want a New Year’s Resolution that will be easy to keep? Consider resolving to make a new friend this year, a friend from a country that is different from your own. International House can help!
November 4, 2014

Voting: A Right and a Privilege

It was great to see the flurry of activity down the hall this past week as the Midwood International & Cultural Center was designated as an […]
November 4, 2014

Making the African Connection

International House had the honor of hosting two cohorts of Professional Fellows from Zambia and Zimbabwe this past year. Our most recent delegation featured 6 dynamic […]