Meet Amy Lin! “I felt like I’m an American”

MICA Awards 2019
April 30, 2019
Former Intern Eamon returns to Volunteer
August 20, 2019

from Amy Lin:

I’m from Taiwan, and came to Charlotte for my internship. I only worked in International House for eight weeks. I worked in front office which means I could see the daily operations of International House.

I cherish the experience I had here. I explored myself and opened my eyes to the world through this program. I enjoyed every moment here for sure.

This time I had to work in all English environment and interacted with clients frequently, so l felt a little bit stressful at first. Especially, when clients asked questions, I was so afraid that I couldn’t answer and explain it well. However, my supervisor and co-workers were super nice, and willing teach me different things. Once I started practicing it every day, I felt more confident to do it.

I would say International House is a real international place. I met people around world every day, and got different culture events’ information. Also, volunteers here were from different countries as well. Therefore, I experienced not only American culture, but also culture around the world.

Since I stayed here for short time, Citizen Diplomacy Department of International House arranged homestay for me. I stayed with a grandmother in an adorable vintage house. That was an amazing experience ever! She cooked traditional dishes for me, and took me out to meet her friends. I felt like I’m an American during my period here. I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss it a lot!