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Due to Covid-19, our offices are closed to the public. If you need immigration legal assistance, please call 704-405-0962 for an intake appointment. Debido a Covid-19, nuestras oficinas están cerradas al público. Si necesita asistencia legal de inmigración, llama a 704-405-0962 para una cita de admisión.


The Ginter Immigration Law Clinic at International House helps Charlotte's immigrants and refugees navigate the legal process to become U.S. citizens, secure a green card or work permit, and reunite their families here in their new city. With a mandate to serve low-income residents of the Greater Charlotte area and staffed by three attorneys and one board-accredited representative who can represent clients, the Clinic is open to all ethnic groups and targets the most disadvantaged cases.

The Immigration Law Clinic receives more than 2,000 requests for assistance each year and can accept only a portion of those people as clients due to resource constraints. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. To learn more about the Clinic and the process for becoming a client, please call us.

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Who is Eligible?

  • The clinic provides legal assistance in immigration matters to individuals and families of all nationalities who qualify for our services.
  • We also serve refugees and asylees in most cases without regard to income.
  • Low-income residents (those earning less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines) living in the Greater Charlotte area who qualify for some immigration benefit may be eligible for our services.
  • Clients may be required to submit some proof of income, residency in our area, and eligibility for an immigration benefit.

How Much Do Services Cost?

  • We charge nominal flat fees for our services, and these fees are 10%-25% of of the cost of a private legal firm.
  • Some refugee and asylee cases are handled free of charge.
  • We are committed to serving all eligible clients regardless of their ability to pay.

What types of cases do you accept?

  • We specialize in family immigration and naturalization.
  • We also represent refugees and asylees.
  • We make every effort to refer people we cannot accept as clients to other appropriate service providers.

When do you accept new cases?

  • We do intakes for new clients and new cases on Tuesdays from 1pm-4pm.
  • You must call: 704-405-0962.
  • No walk-ins please.
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¿Quién es elegible?

  • La clínica provee asistencia legal en asuntos de inmigración a individuos y familias de todas las nacionalidades que califiquen para nuestros servicios.
  • También atendemos a refugiados y asilados en la mayoría de los casos sin tener en cuenta los ingresos.
  • Los residentes de bajos ingresos (aquellos que ganan menos del 200% de las pautas federales de pobreza) que viven en el área metropolitana de Charlotte que califique para algún beneficio de inmigración pueden ser elegibles para nuestros servicios.
  • Los clientes pueden ser requeridos a presentar alguna prueba de ingreso, residencia en nuestra área, y elegibilidad para un beneficio de inmigración.

¿Cuánto cuestan los servicios?

  • Cobramos un costo nominal por nuestros servicios, y estos costos son del 15%-25% del costo de una firma legal privada.
  • Algunos casos de refugiados y asilado se manejan sin cargo.
  • Estamos comprometidos a servir a todos los clientes elegibles, independientemente de su capacidad de pago.

¿Qué tipos de casos aceptamos?

  • Nos especializamos en inmigración familiar y Naturalización.
  • También representamos a refugiados y asilados.
  • Hacemos todo lo posible para referir a personas que no podemos aceptar como clientes a otros proveedores de servicios apropiados.

¿Cuándo aceptas nuevos casos?

  • Tomamos datos para nuevos clientes y casos nuevos los martes de 1pm a 4pm.
  • Debe llamar al: 704-405-0962.
  • Sin cita previa, por favor.

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"My life changed because of International House. My life is better. Without family, life is a house without light. It’s dark all the time. From dark to light - that is what International House did for my life.”
- Asgedom Kidane, Refugee from Eritrea and International House Client
Asgedom Kidane arrived in Charlotte in 2011 as a refugee from Eritrea, after a perilous journey that took him through
Sudan, Libya and Malta over the course of five years. He arrived alone; his wife and three daughters remained in
Eritrea when he fled in 2006 in search of opportunity and a better life. The journey was simply too dangerous for small
children. Upon arriving in the U.S., Asgedom immediately started looking for ways to bring his loved ones to Charlotte.
It was painful to leave his home and family behind, but he felt they had no future in Eritrea.
"I left my family. I left my country - that’s my home. My country and my home are the same.”
Unable to afford most types of legal assistance, Asgedom came to International House seeking help and quickly
became a client of attorney Kathy Brennan. At the same time, his family fled Eritrea for Ethiopia so that International
House could begin filing the legal paperwork necessary to unite the family here in Charlotte.

In 2014, Asgedom's wife and three daughters - whom he hadn't seen in nearly a decade - were finally reunited here in
Charlotte. Now, they are settled in their new home and are lawful permanent residents with their green cards. The girls
are students in CMS and Asgedom and his wife are building a life in their new City.

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