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Immigration Law Clinic


My life changed because of International House. My life is better. Without family, life is a house without light. It’s dark all the time. From dark to light - that is what International House did for my life.

Asgedom Kidane

Refugee from Eritrea and International House Client


The Ginter Immigration Law Clinic at International House helps support immigrants on a pathway to citizenship including obtaining work permits, green cards, permanent residency, and naturalization (U.S. Citizenship) through legal representation and advocacy.


We also help qualifying immigrants and US Citizens unify with their family members living abroad.  There is a required intake process and income restrictions apply.


For more information regarding your case, please contact our office at 704.333.8099 to see if you qualify for help through our legal clinic. Walk-in appointments are not available.  


We open 500 new cases annually.

Of those we file, 95% are approved.  

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