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Cultural Sensitivity Training


“I really wish more people from my organization would attend this training. This was so valuable, and I can think of a few other people who could really benefit from this information. Thank you for doing this.”


Immigrant and refugee families moving to Charlotte often have many challenges to overcome when they arrive—learning a new language, understanding new social systems, navigating a new culture. Charlotte has an amazing network of service providers ready to help families in need, but service providers may also run into challenges providing culturally responsive programming to international clients. Our 4-hour professional development workshop is designed to give participants the skills and resources they need to effectively communicate with international families and non-English speakers.


The Foundations training covers cultural sensitivity and recognizing cultural bias, the language-learning brain, best practices for utilizing interpreters and translation tools, and a review of local case studies and national examples.  This workshop is designed for healthcare professionals, social workers, and other community members that work with immigrant, refugee, and international clientele.

The Deep Dive session takes the content a step further, delving into implicit bias and how to overcome it, skill-building with utilizing translation resources, how cultural backgrounds influence the way we learn, and understanding how cultural values impact societal systems and structures. The session on How we Learn explores the ways in which culture influences knowledge acquisition, and how educators can adapt their teaching to meet the needs of diverse learners. 


Each of these trainings are available for professionals who need CEUs for teaching or other licensures in NC. The workshop registration fee is $45 per person for each workshop, and covers the cost of training materials, refreshments, certification record keeping, and participants' certificate of completion.

Note: If you are an IH volunteer or intern, the registration fee will be waived for you. 


In 2023, 300 individuals completed training.

Upcoming Trainings:

Foundations of Cultural Sensitivity (Level 1)

  • Friday, May 31st from 9AM-1PM 

    • This training session is available for CEUs​


Deep Dive of Cultural Sensitivity (Level 2)

  • Friday, June 21st from 9AM-1PM

    • This training session is available for CEUs 


How Culture Influences the way We Learn (Level 3)

  • Friday, August 2nd from 9AM-1PM 

    • This training session is available for CEUs​

Would you like to learn more about bringing a tailored training to your organization or community group?

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