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The Hub


“A few years ago, my sister found a new job here. She found the job opening from your Employment Board. She’s been with the same company for 3 years, and now she makes really good money. You helped me with my green card before, but I’m here because I need help finding a job, too. You helped my sister, so I told myself “Maybe they can help me, too”. 


Each year, International House receives requests from community members who need help finding services. Oftentimes, these requests come from refugee and immigrant families that need help navigating services, or from community partners that need help supporting their foreign-born clients. The Hub is a community resource center devoted to helping our foreign-born neighbors find the programs and resources they need to thrive. Our staff and interns are available to provide community navigator consultations for families and individuals who need them.

3400 Individuals sought help navigating our community in 2022.

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