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April 22:  Healthy Hearts @ the House!        6-7:30pm  (info here)

April 24: U.S. Global Leadership Luncheon (Free) (rsvp here)

April 29: Young Professionals @International House Launch Reception (details)

May 3: Children's World of Play at Imaginon (more info)

May 20:  YP@IH General Meeting and Open House at IH   6-7:30p


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Upcoming International Visitors

Estonian Filmmakers
April 27th - 30th

Egyptian Disability Rights Group
April 29th - May 2nd

Zambia and Zimbabwe Professional Fellows:
May 10th - June 1st

Eastern & Western Europe
Accountable Governance
May 21st - 24th

Open World Young Professional Delegation from Russia:
June 4th - June 11th

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