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A message from our Executive Director

Many have asked me to speak on the devastating events taking place in Ukraine; a responsibility that I cannot live up to. The truth is any words I would state or write will fall short. This is a terrifying time for those in Ukraine and for those who have family and friends residing in Ukraine. Civilians are dying. This is a distressing time for the U.N. and the World, as Putin threatens nuclear action.

I recently learned that a soon to be father is stuck in Ukraine while his expecting wife, who is 8 months pregnant, is here - waiting to learn if her husband will ever get to meet their child. Heart wrenching! Please know, we are hearing your stories and you are not alone.

The Greater Charlotte Area is home to some 6500 Ukrainians, the largest concentration of the population across North Carolina. Our community is also home to a large population of people from all of Eastern Europe, the majority of whom stand with Ukraine and desire peace across the region. We stand with Ukraine as they fight for their freedom and democracy. We oppose violence of any kind against innocent people, no matter their race or nationality.

In the coming days, the staff of International House will organize (for those in our community who desire to come together) a safe place to speak of fears and hope during these uncertain times. You can sign-up to receive details here.

If you wish to help those in Ukraine, please review the agencies outlined in this NPR Article to ensure that your support will reach those in need.


Autumn Weil

Executive Director

International House

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